Client Focus

We strongly believe in a customer-centric approach to build relevant and effective added value for our clients.

Experience, best practices and recognized methodologies are applied to serve this approach.

Tailor-made services

Our services are conceived and built with each customer, based on his specific business drivers and tailored to fit his unique needs and requirements.

Innovation and creativity are applied to obtain optimal value-for-money out of existing and proven business models, applications and technologies.


network 1ONDACO is a Consulting & IT Services company, with the objective of offering individual solutions to selected customers.


We aim at developing and nurturing personalized relationships with our customers, based on professionalism, commitment, trust and effectiveness.


Our team of consultants, experts and technicians are recognized professionals with extensive experience and a strong reputation.
In addition to our resources, we can also rely on a network of specialized professionals that can bring their contribution for specific activities.


ONDACO aims at becoming a trusted partner of choice for its customers.






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